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Medical Center Adopts People-First Social Media Policy

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Today, we are beginning to tell our staff about the Social Media Participation Policy that we have created and have been communicating to managers for a month.

The entire effort was the result of an incredible collaboration between Communications, Legal, HR, IT Security, Nursing, Physicians, and our leadership that sought to find a solution that empowered use of social media while giving our managers tools to direct staff on the appropriate time and place to use social networks and other websites during the work day.

In addition to creating policy, we’ve also developed guidelines to help our people create social media that connects with their audience. 

We aren’t alone, Vanderbilt, Mayo, and the Cleveland Clinic have adopted similar policies.  Other institutions, like the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics shut down access to all social networking applications.  You can view a list of other health care organizations’ social media policies by visiting Ed Bennett’s blog.

To us, this was about balancing the attributes that create a workplace of choice and those that ensure the best care for our patients.  As we go forward with understanding, planning, and applying these social tools in health care, OSU is ready to once again, be a among the leaders.

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Leadership Insights Goes Live

We have been working on a project for the Ohio State University College of Medicine since June that is meant to replace the old way of communicating… the email newsletter.  Dr. Souba and the Deans were looking for a way to discuss important and relevant topics in different areas of leadership at a medical college and academic medical centers. 

What we came up with is Leadership Insights-Inciting Leadership.  The purpose is to create conversation around the scholarly topics of leadership and how they intersect with academic medicine.  You can see the blog here. 

During this process, a very smart person pointed out, “leadership can come from anywhere, it doesn’t happen just because of a title that is bestowed on you.”

Good call.

To that end, we want all levels of our organization to be involved in the conversation.  Let us know what you think!

Policy is 1% of the Social Media Education

We are in the final stages of acceptance with our social media policy and guidelines at The Ohio State University Medical Center.  Many people have said something like, “I bet you’ll be happy when that’s all done and over.”

While it’s true that developing the policy and guidelines has been hard (and sometimes frustrating) work, actually getting a policy in place is the easy part. 

Policy is no better than the paper it’s written on or the bytes of information on a hard drive it occupies if you don’t find a way to effectively communicate what it says–both the spirit and letter.

I usually respond to people who assume the policy work is over by reminding them that the EASY part is over.  The hard part is trying to ensure that a diverse group of 16,000 people understand what the policy says and what it means for them. 

Have you had success communicating your social media policy?  I’d like to hear about what worked and what didn’t.  I know my team has a long road of teaching ahead, and want to make sure they are armed with the right tools for the job. 

Our first meeting about how to effectively communicate about social media is today, so I need your ideas soon.

-Ryan Squire


Welcome to Social Media @OSUMC

This is the blog that I’ve started to write at least 15 different times and then something came up.  Something always comes up in this world we call an Academic Medical Center, to be honest, I think the news junkie in me appreciates and feeds off the craziness.

I know it’s also the reason why many many people are not exaclty sure where social media fits in here.  We like the idea, but we don’t really have the time, and if we have to learn something new, there just isn’t enough hours in the day.  I hear you.

I still want to help.  I see so much potential that social media has in our great place of work.  From a place to talk about what we love to do (or share ideas about how to do it better), to a place to help personalize the experience our patients have, social media is another tool to help make our lives easier and our work more fun/rewarding.

So how do we get there?  That’s my job.  I exist to help teach the tools.  I’m here to talk about how and when to use them, and how and when to avoid them like the plague.  Anyone can Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube… but I need your help figuring out how to help YOU with those tools.

This  blog will explore our journey through social media.  I’ll start with where we are today, some history on social media, some of the tools out there, and try to keep you up to speed on developments, moving forward. 

If you have a passion for social media, and somehow we haven’t met, then here is your invitation to be a part of this blog.  I really don’t care what your viewpoint is, you believe in social media, so I believe in you.  You can find me at ryan(dot)squire(at) or on twitter at @OSUSquire, so I can give you a personal invitation to help me through this exploration.

If you just want to get your feet wet, please chime in, please ask questions, please challenge thought, please be a part of the conversation so we can explore the best solution moving forward.  In the meantime, if I can help, let me know how.